Don’t Let the Mess Ruin Your Chance to Sell!

It’s a well-known secret in the real estate world that location isn’t the only thing that sells a home. If it seems like the offers just aren’t pouring in like they should, you might need to take a look in your closet.

When potential buyers view a house for sale, they want to be able to imagine themselves in it—and they just can’t do that if there are stacks of mail on the counter and more photos on the mantel than they can count. Cleaning up and minimizing what’s on display creates a peaceful space for you and anyone viewing your home. And that can do wonders for the marketability of your home.

Admittedly, this is easier said than done. Much easier. So how can you get rid of the clutter and optimize your home for selling?

Here are just four simple ways to streamline your space:

  • Don’t let mail accumulate: Sort what comes in as soon as you get it; keep what you need in a designated place out of sight and trash the rest.
  • Start small: If you try to organize your entire house in an afternoon, you’ll never get it done. Instead, break up your decluttering sessions into manageable chunks.
  • Let go: Once you drag everything out of a closet or a drawer, sort through every item and decide what you need to keep, and what you need to bid farewell. Then make sure to follow through—don’t just transplant your junk drawer across the kitchen.
  • Maintain: It’s easy to sit back and relax once you’ve gotten through the first, most intense, round of organizing. Resist this temptation! Make it a habit to keep surfaces clean and walkways clear. Clutter has a sneaky habit of slowly building up over time; be vigilant and don’t give it the chance.

Selling your home is never easy. But you can make it so much less daunting with a little bit of decluttering and a whole lot of persistence!

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