Quite simply, if it had not been for you, we would not have chosen Cookeville.

Jeremy and Alan drove around when they first got here, and thought, “Mm, it’s okay.” They had seen a few other cities and they had pretty much decided on one in Alabama. They did not expect much from their visit. But then they met with you.

You arranged meetings for them with Randy Porter and a few Tennessee Tech honchos. Jeremy and Alan found out how welcoming the city was, and how easy it would be to work with the TTU staff to find employees. Then, you found the office space that has become our new headquarters. It satisfied several of our needs. Then, you escorted our family all over town on Easter weekend to help us find a house. With your help, we found and purchased a gorgeous home, and we are happily moved in. We are so, so grateful that we now live and work in such a lovely place…thanks to you!

Carolina Barnes